Yes!  This is our latest book and we are so excited to share it with you!  Ever wonder WHAT goes into a ceremony?  What do you even say in your vows?  How can you make this day unique? What order do I have to go in?  What if I don't want to be traditional?  

Don't worry!  We have all the answers and so many ideas to get your creativity flowing.  Sure you've been to weddings, but THIS wedding is yours and you want it to be perfect!  

In this book, we walk you through every step of a traditional wedding and help you decide how you want make your special day, your own. 


Unique is memorable!  No one remembers the wedding that's just like everyone else's.  Make your wedding one that people (especially you!) will remember for years to come!

If you are a wedding vendor interested in multiple copies to gift your potential or new clients, please send us an email to inquire about  bulk pricing.